How do I start working with AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made incredible progress in recent years and can be a valuable support in many areas of our everyday work. But how do you find the right AI to optimize your processes and save time and resources?

First of all, you should think about what tasks you need to do in your everyday life that take up time and energy. These could be, for example, entering data, monitoring processes or managing emails. Once you know which tasks you want to automate, you can look for an AI that can do those tasks for you.

First, keep the right integration options in mind when looking for the right AI. You want to make sure the AI can work well with your existing technical infrastructure and/or the programs you already use. Therefore, check if the AI is compatible with your common operating systems and applications before you decide on a solution.

Another important factor is ease of use. You want to make sure you can set up and use the AI without too much hassle. Check to see if there is good documentation and support options, and if there are tutorials or training to help you use the AI effectively.

Last but not least, weigh the price versus the benefits. You want to make sure you’re not just paying for an expensive solution you don’t need, but that you’re getting a tool that covers your needs as completely as possible. Therefore, in our AI List, you can check if there is a trial version or a free demo for the particular project to make sure that the AI is really suitable for you. You should also check if there are regular updates and support to ensure that the solution will continue to work reliably in the future.

ChatGPT - the revolution in artificial intelligence

ChatGPT is an AI model that uses natural language processing (NLP) to enable human-like conversations. It can not only answer simple questions, but also perform more complex tasks such as writing texts, generating ideas, programming scripts in different programming languages, and translating texts into countless languages. What makes ChatGPT special is that it is adaptive. The more it is used, the better it gets.

Professional fields that can directly benefit from ChatGPT:

One can imagine being a copywriter writing an article for a new project. ChatGPT can help with this by asking questions relevant to the topic to get more information. ChatGPT can then create a compelling and persuasive article that will excite the target audience.

As a marketer, ChatGPT can assist in developing ideas and writing copy for promotional campaigns. These can then be tailored to the target audience.

For programmers and web developers, ChatGPT can assist in creating code snippets and solving problems encountered at work. It can also help with translating documents and websites.

In summary, ChatGPT is currently the best and most versatile AI tool in the field. It can significantly improve your daily work as a copywriter, marketer, programmer or web developer and help you work more effectively and productively. But also as a private person it makes sense to use ChatGPT for personal purposes. It’s fun and you’ll be amazed at how versatile and powerful this tool is. Become part of the AI revolution and see for yourself how Chat GPT can change your life!

DALL-E / Midjourney

Surely you’ve heard of DALL-E and Midjourney. These two tools are about to completely revolutionize the way we look at art, graphic design and other creative processes.

DALL-E is an AI-based tool that is able to generate completely new and unique images and graphics from text descriptions. All you have to do is enter a description, such as “a horse with wings on a rainbow cloud,” and DALL-E creates the image for you. This can be a real revolution for artists, graphic designers and businesses looking for new and creative ideas.

Midjourney is an AI-based tool that is quite similar to DALL-E. With this tool, you can also generate images and graphics using text and parameters given by you. With Midjourney you enter the prompt directly via Discord and get the images played out directly via a chat room on the Discord server. This can be a huge time saver for designers who need a large number of designs for a project quickly. However, the number of free creations per account is limited to 25.

If you work in a creative profession, you’ll quickly come to appreciate the benefits of these tools. DALL-E and Midjourney can help you get your ideas done faster and easier by speeding up the creative process and giving you new options. Imagine how much time and energy you can save when you no longer have to spend hours on a design draft for a client, but can simply enter a description and the tool will do the first drafts for you, which you then “only” have to elaborate.

With DALL-E and Midjourney, you can let your creativity flow and focus on the final design while the tool does the preliminary work for you. These tools are currently the best on the market when it comes to art, graphic design and other creative processes. They offer countless possibilities for designers, artists, marketers, and anyone who wants to express their creativity.

Both tools are revolutionizing the way we create. They’re a real game-changer and can give your career a huge boost if you’re in design, art or marketing.

So why wait? Why not try DALL-E and Midjourney, and while you’re at it, think about how you can incorporate these tools into your work. You’ll experience a whole new way of working creatively. With these tools, you can turn your visions into reality and open up almost limitless possibilities for your creativity in the future.

As early as 2022, Midjourney participated in a creative competition for humans with an AI-generated artwork and won it as first place. This clearly shows what technology is now capable of.

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