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Reselling Partner


In order to sell our RocketGPT products and enter into partnerships, we rely on a cooperation with Digistore24 as a reselling partner. Digistore24 is a German company with subsidiaries in the USA and the UK and has been successfully selling digital products internationally for over ten years. In order for you to be able to work with us and benefit from your recommendations, all that is required is a one time, free registration on Digistore24.

Become a partner now


In order to promote products, you must first apply. This is as simple as one click and we will accept your application after reviewing your request so you can get started right away. Through a cookie Digistore24 will track the visitors of our website and you will be paid a commission for each sale made through your link.

Promote products


In order to promote our products, you need to create your own promo link. This link will be created automatically in the bottom right corner of your dashboard when you select the corresponding product  (e.g. 499830 RocketGPT Ultimate Bundle). You can also add a campaign name to find out which promotions work best.

So it’s very easy to become a partner and promote our products.